Keto Reuben Russian Dressing

Keto Reuben Russian Dressing

Keto Reuben Russian Dressing

Easy to make yourself, this creamy, slightly spicy Keto Reuben Russian dressing will become a favorite in your house. Use it as a spread on sandwiches or to drizzle over salad. The base of the dressing is mayonnaise, along with hints of chili, citrus and horseradish. These combine to create a wonderful creamy dressing that has a little spicy kick.

There’s nothing better than a delicious homemade Reuben Sandwich topped off with this delicious dressing. Top a slice of rye chaffle bread (or bread of choice) with corned beef/silverside, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, and drizzle with this delicious Russian dressing. Keto Rueben Russian Dressing truly is the key to the best Rueben sandwich.


A Reuben sandwich is made with corned beef/silverside, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing, between slices of rye bread. It’s grilled until the bread is crispy and the cheese melts.

To make your own, make sure you use bread that suits your way of eating, such as my recipe for low carb, gluten free Keto Rye Waffle Bread. You have the option to serve the sandwich hot or cold but my preference is to serve it hot, with the cheese melting over the meat. Top the beef with sauerkraut and drizzle with your dressing,


Russian Dressing was believed to have originated in the US in the early 1900’s. It supposedly got it’s name as it used caviar as an ingredient, not because it came from Russia. Today, the saltiness of the caviar is substituted by adding a dash of Worcestershire sauce.
Keto Reuben Russian Dressing


You may notice a little similarity between Keto Reuben Russian Dressing and Thousand Island Dressing, as both recipes use similar ingredients. The main difference is that the Russian dressing has a little more of a spicy flavor due to the addition of chili sauce and horseradish. So if you are looking for a Thousand Island Dressing with a little kick, this recipe is the ideal substitute.


Make sure you check out this fab recipe to learn how to cook your own Corned Beef/Silverside. Recipe options include stove top, slow cooker and Instapot/pressure cooker. If you are looking for a delicious keto rye bread recipe, you are going to also want to check out the recipe for Keto Rye Bread Chaffle.

If you don’t have a chaffle iron, don’t worry as you can also make your chaffle on the stove top in a pan or even in a waffle maker- see recipe for details. This truly is a fabulous recipe that is just perfect to use when you create your own low carb Reuben Sandwich.

If you find the time to make this recipe, please tag me #ketohh #alowcarblowsugarlifestyle, so I get to check out your efforts. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on making your own Reuben Sandwich.

Keto Rye Bread Chaffle

Keto Reuben Russian Dressing

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Course: Condiments, Dressings, Salad dressing, Sauces, Jams and Condiments
Cuisine: American, Diabetic Recipe, Gluten Free, Keto, Low Carb, Sugar Free
Keywords: alowcarblowsugarlifestyle, keto salad dressing, ketohh, Reuben, reuben dressing, reuben sandwich, Rueben dressing, Rueben sandwich, Rueben Sandwich dressing, Russian dressing, Salad dressing
Servings: 8 serves


  • cup Mayonnaise sugar free - Click for an easy recipe to make your own
  • 2 tablespoons Chili sauce sugar free or to taste
  • A squeeze of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon Horseradish or to taste
  • ¼ teaspoon Minced garlic
  • ½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ teaspoon Smoked hot paprika
  • 1 tablespoon Minced onion or finely chopped chives
  • ½ teaspoon Monkfruit or alternative sweetener
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Combine all of the ingredients in a small mixing bowl and whisk until smooth.
  • Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks

Recipe Notes

If you want to be prepared and cook up your own corned beef/silverside to make your own Rueben sandwich, you'll want to check out this delicious Keto Corned Beef recipe. Instructions include stove top, slow cooker and Instapot/pressure cooker.
For a fab recipe for a low carb option for rye bread for a Reuben Sandwich, try this Keto Rye Bread Chaffle . Don't despair if you don't have a chaffle iron or waffle iron, as these can also be made on the stove top in a frying pan. Ready in just minutes!

Nutritional Information

Serving: 1tablespoon | Calories: 35kcal | Carbohydrates: 0.3g | Protein: 0.8g | Fat: 5g
Note that we calculate our own nutritional values so they may not be precise. Calculate your own if desired. Carb values exclude sugar alcohols such as Erythritol, as they generally have no impact on blood sugar levels. 50% of the carbs from Xylitol is added to nutritional values. This is consistent with industry practice.
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