Low Carb Pancakes

Keto Ricotta Lemon Pancakes

Low Carb Pancakes

Low Carb Pancakes are a bit like pizza for low carbers. It’s a quest most of us go on to try to find a recipe that we actually like so we can enjoy pancakes for breakfast.

Since I began eating really low carb I have tried many recipes try to create the perfect low carb pancake. I’ve tried other recipes and experimented countless times on my own but have never found the recipe that hit the spot.

I made a couple of recipes that featured cream cheese and the texture and taste was better than other recipes that I had tried. My beef was having to get the beaters or a food processor out in the morning to make them. Arghhhh the noise- I’m a hug your coffee quietly in the corner person, until I wake up in the morning so struggle with the noise. Needless to say I still wasn’t happy with any recipes I had tested.


I’ve since discovered that if I heat the cream cheese up in the microwave to a soft consistency, there is no to use any machine to beat the mixture. Just use a fork to mix the pancake mixture. Yes…peace and pancakes in the mornings! My kind of day!

I’ve based this recipe on 1 serve, which is adequate for 1 person and it makes approximately 3-4 smaller pancakes. If you want to make this recipe for more people, simply increase the amount of ingredients by the number of people you will be serving.


A trick to making these pancakes is to make sure the pan is hot enough to cook the pancakes but not so hot that they burn. In between cooking each pancake, add a dab of butter to the pan ready to bake the next pancake.

Note that I don’t like to make my pancakes too sweet as I always serve them with something sweet such as berries, jam or pancake syrup. I also add a pinch of salt to the batter and it is the perfect contrast to my sweet toppings.


Try serving these with some fresh whipped cream and berries. I suggest trying this low carb recipe for Raspberry Chia Jam Spread  or Strawberry Chia Jam Spread, as they both go really well on pancakes,  especially with some cream, Greek yoghurt or mascarpone. You can now buy sugar free pancake/maple syrups as well which I like to have occasionally on my pancakes, served with just a drizzle of cream.

Now that’s a great way to start the morning on a weekend!

I hope you get to make these pancakes and that you find that my pancake quest was worthy of you making them and enjoying them.


Keto Ricotta Lemon Pancakes

Low Carb Pancakes

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Course: Breakfast, Cakes, Muffins and Sweets, Snacks
Cuisine: Gluten Free, Keto, Low Carb, Sugar Free
Keywords: cream cheese pancakes, keto pancakes, lwo carb pancakes, pancakes, Savory-pancake
Servings: 1 serve


  • 1 tablespoon cream cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons almond meal or almond flour
  • 2 tablespoons cream, almond milk or water
  • ½ teaspoon erythritol or alternative sweetener and to taste
  • A pinch of salt


  • Cover the cream cheese in a microwaveable container and soften in the microwave for approximately 15-25 seconds. Alternatively sit the cream cheese in a container in boiling water to soften it (or beat ii you need to.)
  • Mix the almond meal and sweetener into the cream cheese and then beat in the egg. Add approximately 2 tablespoons cream (or water) to the mix and let it stand for a few minutes.
  • Heat a frying pan on the stove top on medium heat. Once hot, add a dob of butter and let it melt and bubble before adding a heaped tablespoon of pancake mix.
  • Allow the pancake to cook completely on one side before trying to flip it. You will have problems flipping it if it is not cooked properly. If the pancake is too brown, turn the heat down slightly.
  • Allow to cook on the other side before removing from the pan. Repeat the procedure with a dob of butter before adding more batter to the frying pan.


  • Add 1/2 tspn cinnamon to the pancake mix for cinnamon pancakes.
  • Add a dash of vanilla extract to the recipe.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of blueberries to the mix for blue berry pancakes.
  • Replace cream/water with equivalent amount of ricotta and some lemon zest and serve with blueberries and cream.

To Serve

  • Serve with a low carb fruit such as berries, with cream or Greek yogurt
  • Serve with butter on top and top with a low carb cinnamon sugar.
  • Serve with a low carb maple sugar and cream or low carb ice cream.
  • Squeeze lemon juice on top and sprinkle with a little low carb sweetener.
  • Or. simply top it with your favorite pancake topping.

Nutritional Information

Serving: 1serve | Calories: 402kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Protein: 14g | Fat: 37g | Fiber: 3g
Note that we calculate our own nutritional values so they may not be precise. Calculate your own if desired. Carb values exclude sugar alcohols such as Erythritol, as they generally have no impact on blood sugar levels. 50% of the carbs from Xylitol is added to nutritional values. This is consistent with industry practice.
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